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Thayne Muller

Do check out the links to TED and the TED Talks: I hope they'll be posting the video from some of these SOON.

Just wanted to add two more bits regarding Jaime Lerner and his philosophy:

He's famous for pushing people to start things, even if you don't have your plans fully developed--indeed, not having all things thought out beforehand frees your mind from any preconceptions of how a design "ought" to be. Or, in his words, "Don't wait until all your pumpkins are in the truck to start your journey to market. They'll accumulate along the way."

And in an address to the American Institute of Architects I heard years ago, he was once asked (after someone had toured Curitiba's impressive public transport system,) Where are your experts?

"We don't have any experts." Lerner responded. "Experts would have told us we couldn't do this."

'Nuff said! TDM

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