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international professors project

Several useful and several interesting comments; some good big AND incremental innovative thinking, as we do not always find the big innovations come easily to mind.

Beijing SI Conference: Our own strategy is grass-rooted;very inclusive; and importantly altering the idea of the professor into a modest alternative in form, into an international professor, one less attached to locale to serve poor, almost poor, developing and undeveloping countries'universities,colleges, community collegeies and tech colleges. We are creating an academic, therefore, les attached to locale one less attched to locale, and awaiting an accompanying career ladder,with not only social engagement potential( not activist) , but with economic and political implications, ultimately.

We do not know if we are innovative, we try to simply be useful, as best we can, as a currently all-volunteer project.

It is fascinating, as several of us have worked in many Chinese cities. to see this Beijing gathering.

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