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George Flynn

Alternative energy sources are absolutely vital. But I don't think you can count on the oil companies for much help until oil starts to run out. Then look out.

Wind, solar and hydrogen look to be the major answers. Wind can generate a lot of power. Solar is less powerful but it is fairly light weight and could be installed on what I can floating solar islands all over the oceans and lakes. I've written some of this up in an essay on solar on my blog,

I've just found your blog. You have a lot of interesting topics.

Regards, George


According to a new UN report that is being prepared, we may look back on 2005 as being the "watershed" moment that business and investors turned to green power. They say "trillions" will be invested in clean technology in the next 10 years.

Nick Temple

Thanks George: I'll check out the blog.

Jason, I hope you're right.I hate to use the phrase "tipping point" (I hear it in practicalyl every powerpoint presentation I hear these days), but maybe we are approaching some sort of turning point. I think there will be a convergence of things: education filtering through, large scale events (Katrina), cululative effect of campaigning and lobbying, and the corporates realising there's money to be made (and money to be lost...). It's up to us to lead and hassle and shout and be at the forefront.

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