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Nicola Twilley

I just wanted to let you know (and ask your advice) about a new Coffeehouse Challenge we're starting in the Greater Philadelphia/Central Pennsylvania region this month. It's in honor of Ben Franklin's 300th birthday, but is basically the same program as the RSA Coffeehouse Challenge, presented by the Ben Franklin 300 non-profit (my group) and Starbucks, and developed with Gerard Darby's input and advice. So if there are any Global Ideas Bank readers in that region, please do consider joining in on this side of the pond - and please do also let me know if you have any ideas about a better way to spread the word than this comment! More information will go up on our launch (Jan. 24, 2006) at www.benfranklin300.org/chc - meanwhile, you can contact me with any thoughts/suggestions etc. Thank you - Nicola

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